Pregnancy Timeline

12/11/13- +HPT (7dp5dt)

12/13/13- hCG = 280 (4 wks)
                 progesterone = 30
                 estradiol = 1,617

12/16/13- hCG = 797 (4 wks + 3 days)
                progesterone = 31
                estradiol = 1,235

12/23/13- Early u/s done after minor freak out... Right pelvic area became swollen & sore over weekend. One sided pain in front right pelvic area/inguinal crease & also wrapping around right buttock. Woke up to spotting.

RE determined pregnancy was in uterus (not ectopic). Sees two sparks of life in uterus, but one measuring smaller than the other (6 mm & 3 mm I think?). Only one has beginnings of yolk sac visible....still extremely early and time will tell if one or two develop.

RE says sensitive pelvic area is "not connected to my lady parts" but instead a swollen lymph node/possible hernia. Sore hip/buttock attributed to PEO injection 2 days prior...delayed soreness & pain radiating much further around hip than normal. RE says spotting is perfectly normal. Everything is on track.

               hCG = 6,808 (5 wks + 3 days)
               progesterone = 26
               estradiol = 2,059

12/27/13- hCG = 16,764 (6 wks)
                 progesterone = 33
                 estradiol = 2,169

Still light spotting randomly. Acupuncturist left acu beads on Spleen 1 point on medial side of big toe to hopefully help with this. Worth a try!  All in all, things continue to go smoothly. Doubling time for hCG has slowed, but this is normal once passing level of 3,000-5,000.

Continuing same regimen of 1 mL PEO daily, 0.3 mL delestrogen every 3 days, 40 mg Lovenox & baby aspirin daily, 1 mg dexamethasone daily.

1/2/14- Apt. with perinatologist: Ultrasound revealed 2 gestational sacs, both with heartbeats

Baby A = Measuring 6 wks + 4 days
                 Heartbeat @ 138 bpm
Baby B= Measuring 6 wks....lagging in size noticeably
                Heartbeat @ 107...rather low

Currently we have twins, but realistically this may end up being a case of vanishing twin at some point. Measurements can be +-7-10 days in either direction for healthy pregnancies. Of course, we are hopeful for both babies. However, low heart rate coupled with measuring behind makes us a little wary about Baby B. Baby B is lagging, but in the words of the doc "Baby A looks awesome!" We just want the best outcome for a healthy mom and healthy baby(ies)....whatever is meant to be will be.

Discussed dexamethasone safety during pregnancy. MFM reassured us it's safe at such a low dose and recommended continuing through entire first need to rock the boat by changing anything right now.

Will continue 40 mg Lovenox daily until 2nd trimester, upon which time we'll increase to 60 mg daily (1 mg/1 kg body weight) and continue throughout pregnancy.

Spotting has slowed down to almost nothing, although still happening randomly. Coincidentally, I've noticed a pattern; It re-starts the AM following my PM delestrogen shot every 3 days? Hmmmm. MFM reassured me that spotting is normal, especially during the first trimester, and occurs in up to 50% of pregnancies. I will bring up this delestrogen/spotting pattern with RE if it continues after my next delestrogen shot. It's considered abnormal if there is red blood flow + cramping + clots all at the same time. Otherwise, I'm told no need to worry.

1/3/14- hCG = 44,678 (7 wks)
             progesterone = 29
             estradiol = 1430

hCG has leveled off. No more hCG blood draws necessary. Everything looks good. Continue with current progesterone & estrogen supplementation.

- progesterone = 21 (8 wks)
               estradiol = 2241

Looks good. Continue current progesterone & estrogen supplementation. Have been "semi-graduated" to OB. Will continue monitoring blood levels with RE, but all other care transfers to OB.

apt. with perinatologist/ultrasound (8wks + 6 days)

Bittersweet goodbye to Baby B. Showing almost empty sac, which measured only 6wks & barely a fetal pole even visible anymore. We are sad to lose Baby B but always had realistic expectations regarding possibility of a vanishing twin. This was indeed the case.

We are focused on the positive though; Baby A is doing fantastic!

Baby A = Measuring 8 wks + 5 days
                Heartbeat @ 180

1/17/14- progesterone = 32 (9 wks)
               estradiol = 1906

Instructions to reduce delestrogen injections to 0.15mL every 3 days (1/2 of normal dose) and reduce daily PEO injections to 0.75mL (37.5 mg) beginning on 1/19 (1/4 reduction from normal dose).

Full disclosure: I am paranoid about tapering off of progesterone, and I chose to only reduce by 1/5 of normal dose, 0.8mL (40mg), but I did tell my RE the true dosage I've actually been injecting.

1/24/14- 1st apt. with new OB (10 wks)
              **OB apt. cancelled due to icy roads. Boooooo
              progesterone = 28
              estradiol = 1443

Instructions to do today's delestrogen injection and then discontinue more need for estrogen supplementation. Continue current progesterone dosage of 0.8mL PEO daily.

1/28/14- Apt. with new OB (10 wks + 4 days)
              **OB apt. cancelled due to icy roads AGAIN. Seriously?!

- progesterone = 34  (11 wks)
              estradiol = 1163

Dare I say, it seems my body might sloooowly but surely be producing a little progesterone on it's own? Instructions to continue 0.8mL (40mg) PEO next 4 doses, then reduce down to 0.5mL (25mg) beginning 2/4. So far so good being off all estradiol supplementation as well. Re-test levels on 2/7/14.

2/3/14- Apt. w/perinatologist for NT scan (11 wks + 3 days)

Passed NT scan with flying colors. Nuchal fold less than 1, and nasal bone looks perfect, as do all other visible body parts. Opting out of additional bloodwork that many times accompanies NT scan, because chromosomal matter from vanishing twin would make results inconclusive anyways. Risk assessment for chromosomal abnormalities with this baby is roughly 0.33% chance of any abnormalities (even without additional bloodwork).

Instructions to continue Lovenox 40 mg until script runs out (right about time entering 2nd tri.) Then increase to 60 mg/daily.

Continue 1 mg dexamethasone daily. MFM believes benefits of continuing low dose steroid to reduce possible risk of 1st/2nd trimester loss far outweigh any reasoning behind discontinuing it.

Baby A = measuring 11 wks + 4 days
             = heartbeat @ 167 bpm

....everything looks perfect!

2/7/14- progesterone = 32 (12 wks)
             estradiol = 1216

Looks like body is continuing to take over progesterone production. Final dose of PEO on 2/9/14. Re-test progesterone & estradiol on 2/14/14.

2/10/14- Apt. with new OB (12 wks + 3 days)

Love our new OB and nurse. Full gyn exam & u/s which revealed gender of Baby A; We're waiting for one more u/s to confirm this before revealing. Baby was moving around like crazy! So cool to see so much movement and also learn the gender. Everything just became exponentially more exciting!

OB also recommended BRCA testing to me since my mom died from ovarian cancer at age 52 and great aunt died from breast cancer at 46....about the tenth doctor to recommend this to me at this point. Can you tell I'm stalling?

- progesterone = 29 (13 wks)
              estradiol = 1216

Praise God, no more progesterone shots, and no more weekly blood draws to monitor P4 & E2. Still doing daily Lovenox injections (which will increase next week to 60mg) and 1 mg dexamethasone, but 1 shot daily is better than 3.

2/21/14- Phone call check-in with perinatologist (14 wks)

Increased daily Lovenox injections to 60 mg. Given clearance to begin weaning off of steroid. Yay! Reduce to 0.5 mg dexamethasone for 1 week, then .25 mg dexamethasone for 1 week, then completely stop. 

- Apt. with OB (14 wks + 4 days)

IT'S A BOY! We've named him Preston Alexander.

Preston = Measuring 14 wks + 6 days
             = Heartbeat @ 157 bpm

- Apt. with perinatologist for full anatomy scan (17 wks + 5 days)

Preston = Measuring 18 wks + 1 day
             = Heartbeat @ 147 bpm

Passed full anatomy scan with flying colors. Everything looks perfect for baby and mom. 3rd confirmation that it's definitely a boy. Madly in love with this little guy. Pretty sure I felt him kicking for the first time early this morning too!

4/4/14- Apt. with OB (20 wks)

We've reached the 1/2 way mark! OB apt. with long wait time (OB ran next door to deliver a baby) resulted in a 3D u/s for us "just for fun." Preston is doing great and is quite the mover and shaker. Boy does not stop moving during ultrasounds.

Have felt him moving a little each day, and all over the place....right, left, high, low. Felt it on my hand once from the outside of belly so far....always trying to catch something from the outside, but he's unpredictable. Love those little kicks and kung fu moves.

Preston= measuring ahead & weighs 14 oz.
            = Heartbeat @ 160 bpm

4/17/14- Apt. with perinatologist (21 wks + 5 days)

Preston = Measuring 22 wks + 5 days
             = heartbeat @ 152 bpm
             = weighs about 1 lb. 3 oz

Everything looks perfect! All of Preston's organs are functioning properly, and he's now averaging a full week ahead in growth and 2 oz. + - above average. MFM says cervix is "a mile long" (really it's only 40 mm) but this is good, because there are no signs of incompetent cervix. (They want 23mm+)

Also had prenatal apt. with Preston's future pediatrician. LOVE her.

5/1/14- Apt. with OB (24 wks)

Preston = heartbeat @ 151 bpm
= bump @ 26 cm, weight @ 148 lbs. (18 lbs gain so far), BP @ 110/65

No u/s at today's apt, but that's OK...Preston is wiggling away, as high as my rib cage and very low into pelvic area. Uterus is the size of a soccer ball and taking up entire abdomen at this point. Bump measured by doc for first time. Vitals looking good for mom and baby.

5/15/14- Apt. with perinatologist (25 wks + 6 days)

Preston = Measuring 26 wks + 5 days
             = heartbeat @ 145 bpm
             = weighs about 2 lbs. 4 oz.
Mom = weight @ 150 lbs. (20 lbs. gained so far)

U/s tech says "You have a fat baby." Perfect on all fronts...exactly what we like to hear. Preston's kidney size is on the higher end of range, but no red flags...just keeping watch to make sure they don't grow exponentially at any time.

5/19/14- Baaaack to the perinatologist (26 wks + 3 days)

Check-up following a fender bender the day previous (We were rear ended). Checked everything and baby are perfectly fine, placenta still in tact, fluid looks good, Preston moving tons. "Baby is happy as a clam in there," says the peri.

Apt. with OB & glucose test (28 wks + 4 days)

Routine OB visit + glucose 1 hour test (PASSED!). Mom and baby are healthy.

Preston = heartbeat @ 153 bpm
Mom= weight @ 150 lbs. (20 lbs. gained so far)
            bp @ 104/62

Apt. with perinatologist (29 wks + 6 days)

Preston = measuring 31 wks + 1 day
             = heartbeat @130 bpm
             = weighs 3 lbs. 11 oz.
Mom  = weight @ 151 lbs. (21 lbs. gained so far)
          = bp @ 96/70

Mom and baby both healthy. One of Preston's kidneys still measuring 1 mm above normal @ 8 mm (but anything under 10 is good so this is no big deal). Amniotic fluid looks great, baby is head down. If he's still head down @ 32 weeks, then there's a good chance he'll stay that way. Fingers crossed he will stay head down! Baby expected to double to 7+ lbs. by 36 weeks!

I almost threw up on the u/s table, apparently just from laying down flat with so much weight on my aorta? That was a first!

6/25/14- Apt. with OB (31 wks + 5 days)

Preston = hb @ 150 bpm
Mom = weight @ 153 (23 lbs. gained so far)
          = bp @ 110/68

OB says this is a "model pregnancy." So nice to hear! Weight, measurements, and bp look great. Instructed to continue exercising 7 days per week and to just keep doing what I'm doing. Discussed using a doula with OB and let him know we'd like to "try this thing naturally."  Our doula will come in with us to meet him at our 36/37 week apt. OB is very easy going and receptive, although I know going natural really isn't the norm at his practice. He sees many high risk patients and those delivering multiples. We shall see how this all plays out. I'm not concerned about fitting the mold of his typical patient of course.

 7/7/14- 1st Prenatal Doula Meeting (33wks + 3 days)

Our doula, Julie, came to our home and talked with us for a full 2 hours about how she will assist, discussed formulating a birth plan for NUCB (natural unmedicated childbirth), and where to go from here. She will come with us to our 36+ wk. apt. with OB to meet him in person and is available for unlimited support via phone anytime we need it from here on out.

She will be present once I begin actively laboring with consistent contractions, will meet us at our home, and travel with us to hospital, helping to guide us with optimal birthing positions and techniques that are aimed at a shorter and more effective labor, providing emotional support, giving guidance to hubby on how he can help me appropriately in whatever ways he feels comfortable, taking pics, getting us food, making sure I'm comfortable...anything and everything that is needed throughout active labor, the actual birth, through up to 2 hours post delivery (including establishing breastfeeding). She will also make a home visit post delivery whenever we want her to come. Very excited to have her as a support person, and we both feel she's a great fit for us!

7/9/14- Apt. with perinatologist (33 wks + 5 days)

Preston = measuring 35 wks + 6 days
             = weighs approx. 5 lbs 12 oz
             = hb @ 158 bpm
Mom = weight at 156 (26 lbs. gained so far)
          = bp @ 96/72

Everyone who looks at this baby (u/s techs, docs, etc) says same thing, "This is certainly not a small baby!" He's still within normal range but measures in 90th percentile on the key anatomical parts they use to assess true size (head, femur bone, abdomen). Because I passed the glucose test with flying colors though, there is no risk...he just seems to be a big baby.

7/20/14- Switched from Lovenox 60 mg to Heparin 0.7mL twice daily. (35 wks + 2 days)

7/22/14- Apt. with OB (35 wks + 4 days)

Preston = hb @ 150 bpm
Mom = weight at 159 (29 lbs. gained so far).
         *I blame the bigger increase on leftover baby shower cake all. week. long. Oops!
         = bp @ 118/72
         = retaining a little fluid in ankles

Gave our NUCB Plan to OB and it was well received! Preston is head down as usual, but head still very high up in pelvis & cervix is completely closed shut. "You are nowhere close to giving birth," says the OB. Weekly visits with OB from here on out.

Switched from Lovenox to Heparin this week, and not it's not much better. Will be so happy when I can stop injecting myself with needles. One step closer to delivery though!

7/28/14- Apt. with OB & doula (36 wks + 3 days)

Preston = hb @ 150 bpm
             = scored 8 out of 8 on biophysical profile u/s
             = head straight down and facing my back (perfect position)
Mom = weight at 157 (27 lbs. gained so far & 2 lb. loss from last week's crazy water retention)
          = bp @ 107/72
          = result of Strep B test- negative!
          = 0% effaced, 0 cm dilated (cervix still closed tightly, but normal for 36 weeks)

Beginning weekly BPP's (biophysical profile) due to APA syndrome (namely anticardiolipin antibody) that I carry...just to keep a close eye on baby in remaining weeks. BPP is an u/s test used to check amniotic fluid level, breathing, and movement/responsiveness of baby. 2 pts. assigned for each of 4 parts of test (8 pts. total). Preston got perfect marks!

Doula introduced to OB. Asked her what I can do to prepare my body for birth more effectively? She suggested drinking red raspberry leaf tea (2 cups daily) in addition to using birth ball at home (for sitting & exercises), as well as continuing walking 30 minutes daily. Sex and orgasm to help prepare body and soften cervix. Consider resuming acupuncture at 39/40 weeks for induction points (or earlier just to help relax body).

8/4/14- Apt. with OB (37 wks + 3 days)

Preston = hb @ 173 bpm (moving around A LOT!)
             = scored 8 out of 8 on biophysical profile u/s
             = head down and low on mom's bladder
             = measuring 38 wks + 4 days
             = weighs 7 lbs. 11 oz!
Mom = weight @ 158 (28 lbs. gained)
          = bp @ 118/76
          = 0% effaced, 0 cm dilated (cervix still closed tightly)

Preston blew through his BPP test with flying colors. They look for baby to practice breathing at least once during test (babies usually practice for 30 sec. at a time during this stage), and Preston just breathed steadily the whole entire test. He yawned, opened his eyes, and was very active. He has plenty of fluid to wiggle around in still. One of my favorite apts. of this whole pregnancy... could really see how much more mature he's gotten.

Phonecall with perinatologist

Having random delayed bleeding at injection sites since switching to heparin. Won't bleed for 12 hours post injection, and then randomly begins bleeding next day once removing bandaid, showering, after working out or being very active, etc. Instructed to reduce dose from 0.7mL twice daily to 0.5mL twice daily. See if it improves. If not, we'll run a PTT (prothrombin time) test to see if dosage needs adjusted further.

8/11/14- Apt. with OB (38 wks + 3 days)

Preston passed his BPP with flying colors. He's been extremely responsive to outside touch lately. If you touch my belly, he will kick you right back...kicked the u/s tech's wand 3 times hard enough to make her hand jump. He breathed continuously throughout the test again. Amniotic fluid looks great still. Mom & baby both doing great.

Preston = hb @ 153 bpm
             = head down, facing right, moved down slightly but hasn't "dropped"
Mom  = weight @ 158 (28 lbs. gained so far)
          = bp @ 120/78
          = 0% effaced, 0 cm dilated (cervix still closed tightly)

OB doesn't seem concerned about any "lack of progress" cervically. He just says "It will happen, I promise"....which is music to my ears. There has been no mention of the "I" word...a.k.a. induction. Glad he's on the same page as us.

Reduction in heparin dosage to 0.5mL twice daily seemed to help with random injection site bleeding as well. No bleeding incidents since tapering dose down. Yay!

Coming Soon...
8/20/14- Apt. with OB - biophysical profile, check-up
8/22/14- EDD for Preston Alexander


  1. Yay, so glad we can post comments as I plan to check here very regularly. That is awesome on how great your numbers are. Really hoping baby B catches up. When is your next ultrasound? How are you feeling? The spotting in the first tri is normal, especially those that have had IVF seem to have it more. For now everything is awesome though and I'm really glad!!

    1. Ask and you shall receive a comments section! hehe Next u/s is on 1/16 so almost 2 weeks away. I still haven't chosen an OB or even been released from my RE, so just seeing a MFM right now and leaving the u/s up to him since he's managing my Lovenox and steroid anyways. I figure he's the expert anyways, and he's got a huge flat screen for the u/s unlike my RE with his tiny one.

      I'm feeling really good overall. Nausea here and there, and some sleepless nights, but no throwing up. No spotting for a couple days now either, which is definitely welcome! Fingers crossed that the clean underwear trend continues! Thanks for checking in Amber!

  2. I'm so glad I found this section! I have been checking frequently for updates and just found it. I'm so glad that everything is looking good so far and I hope baby b catches up soon! Praying for you and your sweet babies!!

    1. Thanks Sara. I'm praying every day for both babies, and Baby B can use some extra ones so thank you!

  3. Yay for the comments section! I got all teary eyed for you yesterday when I checked and saw all this new, positive, information. I will continue to pray for you guys and a few extra for Baby B!

    1. Thanks darlin! We so appreciate the support!

  4. Yay for twins! I know you are cautiously optimistic, but I'm so thrilled for you. At my first 2 u/s, baby B was measuring 2 days behind baby A. At 6w3d baby A had a heart rate of 125 and Baby B was at 111. My doctor said anything over 100 at 6 weeks is good. By the second u/s, both heart rates were way up to 169/174. I also feared I would have a vanishing twin, but (so far) everything is going fine. Baby B has made up a day and is just 1 day behind. My doctor said it's very possible that implantation was a day or two apart, but that it is common for twins to measure a few days apart. Anyway, I don't know if any of this is helpful, but it sounds like you have a great attitude and I will add to all the positive vibes and happy thoughts being sent your way. :-)

    1. This is all such great info. It always helps to hear real life stories from other women, so thanks Bethany! We'll be ok no matter what (as long as we have one), but I don't feel like it's a lost cause at this point in time. We were actually pretty shocked to even measure a heartbeat for Baby B at the u/s, because we'd had an early u/s at 5 wks + 3 days and Baby B was not even showing a yolk sac at that point. I like that my MFM is being up front and realistic, but Baby B still has a chance for sure. Thanks for some reassurance. :)

  5. So happy for you, Emily. Warms my heart to know that your long awaited dream is finally coming true. Sending you (and your babies) much love. :)

    1. Thanks Suzanne. You can't even begin to imagine the happy dance that I'm going to be doing once you get your good news too girl!

  6. So excited to follow your updates! I will be praying for you and both those sweet babies!

    1. Thank you so much Farra. Means the world to me that we are still here to support each other. XO

  7. eeeekkk!!! twins!!! praying baby B catches up and loos great on the next appt!!!

  8. I'm so happy for you! Been following your journey as a fellow acu success story.
    Continued hugs and prayers!

    1. Well I sure wish it could have been acu alone, but I do think it helped! I'm still going to acu too. I believe in the benefits of TCM for sure! Thanks Julie!

  9. Yay I am so excited to have found this news!! Biggest of congratulations to you and praying for both babies to make it through healthy and safe!!

    1. Thank you for the congrats and also the prayers Amie!

  10. Woohoo! Every time I read this page there wasn't a comment section. Glad you added one. Glad that things are looking well. Will send lots of positive vibes n prayers thAt baby B catches up. Sounds like you're in great hands though so I am delighted.

    1. I wasn't sure if I'd keep this as a timeline or make multiple blog posts on it, but figured I'd add comments even though it's a timeline for now. Thanks Jo Jo! Super excited for your good news as well!

  11. I have been checking back on your tab every week. So happy for you!!!!

  12. OMG, you are also having twins!!!!! We are on the same boat of one being behind the other, Dr. told me that at this stage anything above 100 is good news, don't give up on Baby B yet, I don't think it's a vanishing twin. Also, my good friend says that it's a typical boy/girl twin situation, the boy is slower, heartbeat lower and the girls develop super fast at the beginning, I'm hoping she is right for me and you!! xo

    1. Oh no, certainly not giving up on Baby B. I'm his/her biggest cheerleader. ;) That is so interesting about boys and girls as twins developing differently. Oh, what a blessing it would be to have one of each, boy AND girl!

  13. Im so happy to ready all this. I have been a creeper checking in. So glad everything is going okay. Praying for Baby B!! I cannot wait to hear an update.

    1. Thanks Charity! Will def post an update after Thursday's u/s.

  14. I'm so glad to be able to check up on you Emily! Yay for twins! I pray that you will get great news on both of your babies at this weeks ultrasound. You deserve this so much!

    1. Thanks sweetie! It's like this week is dragging on waiting for the next u/s. Longest two weeks ever!

  15. I'm so sorry I missed this! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! AHHHHHHH! This is the greatest news!

    1. Thanks Catherine. I know you are on a little break right now, but I really hope that you'll have some good news to give soon as well! I am routing for you my fellow TFC'er!

  16. Oh Emily, I am so sorry about the loss of baby B. I'm glad you are focusing on the positive though, and I'm so happy that Baby A is right on track and doing so well. You are in my thoughts daily and I look forward to your updates!

    1. Thanks Bethany. We are definitely focusing on how awesome Baby A is doing. We really feel it's all going to work out for the best! Loving your updates as well and happy to see your little babes are doing so great!

  17. Hey Em, been thinkin' about ya and checking up often! Sorry about Baby B :( But so tickled that Baby A is doing well! XOXO

  18. I'm sorry to hear your OB appointment was cancelled due to the icy roads :( As for your concerns about tapering off the progesterone, I don't blame you. It is not uncommon for women who have dealt with infertility to need progesterone long past the first trimester. Some need it through the entire pregnancy. Not to cause any extra concern, but (you may already know) low progesterone has been linked to preterm labor and placental abruption, but for some reason, most OB's don't seem to realize that the placenta may not be making enough for some women. Could you get your OB to continue checking it once you are off of the progesterone to make sure things still look good? If for any reason the OB won't check it and you're concerned, the Pope Paul IV Institute will monitor your progesterone for you long distance. I hope all this doesn't come across as pushy or like I'm trying to scare you, but it was information I was glad to find out so that I'll know next time, so I thought it may be helpful to you as well.

    1. Not being pushy at all Farra. All good info! I've also heard of women staying on progesterone or returning to it beyond 12 weeks. So far we've only tapered 0.2mL and this week my RE did not have me taper again...just stay with current dosage. I'm assuming because my P4 did not go up, it shows the placenta has not taken over as much as would be required for another drop in dosage.

      My RE is the one who will continue to monitor my hormone levels, even once I start seeing the OB. However, the OB we've chosen sees a lot of IVF patients/twins/triplets/complicated cases, so I will have double eyes on everything....actually triple if you count the perinatologist I'm seeing as well. I have no problem whatsoever doing the PEO shots this entire pregnancy if need be. Have to do Lovenox shots every single day anyways for the entire pregnancy, which make the PEO seem like a piece of cake.

      Thanks for the Pope Paul Inst. reco if needed! Good to know!

  19. Two OB cancellations??? Dang ice!!!! I'm glad to see all is going great though :)

    1. I'm sayin! Of course, it's sunny and 74 degrees today. Texas is CRAZY!!! Thanks Darcie!

  20. Replies
    1. I'm sure you feel like you're preaching to the choir being in NYC. So ready for the spring it's not even funny!

  21. I can't believe you're already 11 weeks!!! Time is flying! For me at least, probably not for you! Just think, in 2-3 weeks (however you decide to calculate it) you will be in your SECOND TRIMESTER :) Yippe!

    1. You said it...flying by for YOU. ;) I want to enjoy every second of this pregnancy of course, but I would also like to just fast forward past the first tri and THEN enjoy it. Will be very happy to pass the 12 week mark!

  22. You are doing awesome Emily!! Look at your body go! I'm so glad everything is progressing so nicely.

    Isn't the weather awful??? We've had mild winters in the past few years which I love and then two ice days in one week! UGH!! C'mon Spring! I don't live in Texas for the cold, that's for sure!

    1. Thanks Amber! I totally agree. We are from FL originally and have lived in Austin for 5 years now...never experienced any cancellations or icy roads like this. Booooo

  23. Yay there has been tons of great news today. Glad baby A is doing well. That's a strong heart beat. Can you please write another post. Every time I visit your blog my heart stops when I see goodbye!! I would like to see a picture of the little nugget. I hope I don't sound demanding...I am just really excited.

    1. You are so sweet Charity! I do need to make a new "real" post. I've been substitute teaching so much and have been zapped of extra energy. I will have to post a pic of the nugget, esp. now that he/she looks like a real live human baby. Demand away! Thanks for being interested and so excited for us!

  24. Woo hoo! Baby A is a little overachiever! That is wonderful news, congrats :)

    1. Thanks Amanda! I don't want to put any pressure on Baby A, but I tend to think he/she is quite the achiever already as well!

  25. I get the stalling on the BRCA gene. My mother had the test done when she was sick and it was negative, therefore taking a lot of the need for me to have it done away. Her mother had breast cancer (survived) so it was certainly a risk. You do it when/if your ready. You have other things to focus on for the next 6 months. :-)

    1. Yeah, I wish my mom had it done. My older 1/2 sister (same mom) tested and was negative thankfully. I feel like getting a + would just stress me out, since ultimately the recommendation is to remove the ovaries... something I'm not ready for yet. Not trying to live in denial or anything, it's just that I would want to take the appropriate course of action, and it just doesn't feel like I could possibly make a decision like that quite yet.

  26. I am praying for you Emily! God will guide you on which course is best to take. I also agree that you have enough going on, could you wait until after baby?

    1. I think you're asking about the BRCA testing. Yes, my inclination is to just wait until after we're done having kids completely, since the recommendation upon a positive result would be to remove the ovaries. Thanks for the prayers Charity!

  27. Hey my friend. Yay for being off the Progesterone shots. I bet your bum is happy. LOL. Glad to see you have some exciting stuff coming up this week. Can't wait to hear how the appointment goes next week. XO

    1. So nice to have one less shot for sure! It's been an exciting week indeed! Guess we are now officially team blue. :)

  28. Aw congrats on your baby boy and I just love the name ya'll chose!!

    1. Thanks Amie! Getting really excited about having this little man in our lives!