FET #3

Last Chance...IT WORKED!


Other supplements:

New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal
Xymogen MTHF ES- 5000 mcg methylfolate
Fish Oil- 2000 mg
CoQ10- 600 mg
Vit D3- 2000 IU
Colace 3x's/day beginning first day of PEO administration (5 days before transfer) & through cycle

Acupuncture:-Weekly leading up to transfer (electro-acupuncture "back treatments" to build lining)
-Pre-transfer session morning of transfer
-Post-transfer session 24 hrs. after transfer
-will continue weekly


-100% Gluten-free
-90% Dairy-free (no milk, but occasional sprinkle of parm or gluten free pizza)
-90% organic diet (organic meats & eggs, full fat pasture butter for cooking, TONS of fruits/veggies)
-90% alcohol free- 2 glasses of red wine entire cycle
-Warming foods/drinks- warm prune juice each morning, warm water w/lemon most meals & especially when eating raw fruits/veggies in meal, soup daily, slightly spicy foods, cinnamon in oatmeal
-Plenty of nuts (including brazil), seeds, legumes
-Anti-inflammatory foods: seafood, avocados, steamed green veggies, gluten-free ancient grains
-NO processed foods, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavor, nitrates/nitrites, preservatives
...just good clean unadulterated whole foods