Monday, August 13, 2012

Ending of an Era & An Unpexected Messenger

For years now, my husband has been pleading with me to sell my car. Apparently he didn't grow up with a father who was a retired CMSAF (Chief Master Sergeant Air Force). If he had, he'd know that you do not need a new car if the old one still starts. Furthermore, you do not open a second box of cereal until the first one is completely gone, even if it's a different type of cereal.  Staleness may occur if both cereals are not consumed in the proper amount of time, resulting in Cheerios lost, and this is unacceptable!

To this day, I still think the cereal box rule was ridiculous. However, I have admittedly inherited some of the thrifty behaviors I detested as a child. Recently this translated to me not wanting to sell my almost 15 year old car, a 1998 Acura Integra. Now, take a look at this pic and tell me there's a single thing wrong with this car...

Clearly there is nothing wrong with this car! However, since moving to Texas 3 years ago both hubby and I have felt a bit unsafe driving it. The trucks in Texas are beyond big, and the roads here are not well equipped for rain. Plus, we look like the Clampets trying to haul things hanging out of the hatchback anytime we purchase something of size including trees, furniture, you name it. I'm pretty sure we've gotten away with a lot of illegal hauling in this thing. So, after more than a decade spent together (more time than I've even known my hubby) it was time to say goodbye. Sniff sniff :(

If you've ever sold anything on Craigslist, you know it can bring the freaks out.  Don't get me wrong; I sell anything of value on there, and I've used it myself to find things. Craigslist is the bomb! I was just NOT looking forward to dealing with some of the potential wackadoos on there to sell my car. So, I went through the motions of taking pics, posting the ad, and waiting nervously for responses. I also prayed really hard that God would please spare me of flaky people and carjackers.

Within only a few hours I got a response from a gentleman who seemed very interested, so much so that he emailed me twice, saying that he would definitely buy my car and would bring cash the following evening. Seeing is believing when it comes to Craigslisters, but low and behold he did show up at my house the next evening, and we went for a test drive.

This is where the encounter became meaningful. As we turn out of my neighborhood, he proceeds to tell me that he recently sold a more expensive car to save money, because he just had his second child. "Congrats!" I tell him. "We are trying ourselves," I say without any indication of what a process it's been for us. And then without hesitation, he begins telling me about he and his wife's fertility struggles. He said that it didn't happen easily for them; They had to drive an hour and half a each way to a fertility clinic to get help, and he had to give his wife shots. He said they were thrilled that their first IUI worked, giving them their miracle baby, and only 3 short months after she delivered they were pregnant again with their second with no help at all! His smile was beaming from ear to ear, and I was tearing up listening to his story.

Keep in mind, he would have no way of knowing I even knew what an IUI was, and here he was opening up to me about his experience. A little speechless, I looked at him and just said, "Wow. I can't help but feel like us meeting today was more than coincidence. My husband and I are dealing with some similar things. I've been to see a fertility specialist but have taken a step back to try naturally again. I'm really hoping we'll have a happy ending too, and your story is amazing. I feel like God put you in my life today. Thank you so much for sharing something so personal with a complete stranger."

Needless to say, the entire transaction was probably the smoothest Craigslist dealing I've had to date. He offered me more for the car that I would have accepted, and the sale was complete in about 15 minutes. If that wasn't enough, I opened my email the next morning to find this message...


Thank you for the easy transaction yesterday. The car ran great going back home.

I wanted to share a quick picture with you to let you know miracles do happen :)


Attached was this photo...

Is it just me, or is this beyond sweet?!  Now I'm tearing up again. I know I'm a sap and cry more than the average person, but it just meant so much to me that this man would open up to me and also take time the next day to do something to lift me up even further than he already had.

I have plenty of days where I feel like God and the universe are not on our side. I have a hard time understanding why He hasn't blessed us with a little one yet, when clearly we feel ready and want a family so badly. Then, there are those days where I feel like God sends a message I need to hear in a profound and unexpected way.

What started off as a simple transaction ended up being a very meaningful experience that I couldn't have orchestrated on my own if I tried. Perhaps I'm reading too much into it, but I also found it ironic that in a way, I was closing a chapter in my life by selling that car, and at the same time I received a much needed reminder that a bigger and better one is about to unfold very soon.

Of course if this week ends without a + pregnancy result, I will undoubtedly have a hard time emotionally with it, but I know our time will come eventually. I have to trust that it will happen for us with the most perfect timing possible. It's days like this where I feel like God does have me in the palm of His hand and that He hasn't forgotten about me. 


  1. This made me tear up a little! I love when God gives us little reminders for us to hold on to :)

    1. Me too! If only I could get them hand delivered on a daily basis! ;)

  2. It's always amazing to read just how much others lives are touched by God! Hoping He gives you your + soon!!!

  3. I teared up too! I even told my hubby the story! So cool! I love when we are reminded that we are not alone and that miracles happen. So glad you are learning to trust that God will bring it to pass in His too! :)

    1. That is so awesome. Thank you for sharing with your hubby!

  4. I'm a sap, too, and I definitely just cried a little. There is nothing I love more than when God sends me a clear message or reminder when I need it most. He knows it's not easy that we can't always hear Him clearly or know His plans for us, so I like to think He gives us little glimmers of hope and peace when He knows we really need it.

  5. Emily, the minute I saw that picture my eyes teared up and here I'm supposed to be leaving for work! I honestly and do believe God sends us messages and reminders. I know I get them every now and then usually when I'm honestly in the depths of my heart wondering if there is any hope. I believe in things "for a reason" and there is a reason we are going through this process. However, the reward is going to be absolutely amazing!! You are going to have a baby!! Like you said it's going to be in HIS timing and when it's all perfect for us. I am praying for us all!

  6. Oh my gosh, I am tearing up as I'm reading this at work. This is truly inspiring for all of us. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Emily that was so beautiful!, what a completely sweet thing for a stranger to do. It is amazing how God works and how he sends us inspiration in unexpected places to communicate with us that we are not alone and to keep fighting on.

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. I'm so glad you all were just as touched as I was. I will never forget this guy for probably as long as I live. Our encounter really was a "God thing" I feel. Great feeling to have when something like this happens!