Friday, August 31, 2012

+OPK & NO ovulation...Well this is a first!

If there is an award for defying fertility tracking devices, I think I should win! In my last post, I mentioned that I knew something was way off with the ultrasound my OB/GYN did the day after I got a +OPK. Nothing was matching up...13 and 11 mm follies the supposed day of ovulation? It didn't make sense. I decided to make an additional apt. for an ultrasound with my RE the very next day. I've been pretty open at how much I've been trying to stay away from the RE, but when it comes down to it, I need her help to figure out what was going on.  We cleared the air on my hesitations to return first, and I felt really good about our meeting and working together going forward.

This appointment was different as well, because my dear hubby came. He wants to start coming with me to the appointments, which I think is really sweet, but also really smart. Most women who've had fertility treatments knows how difficult it can be to explain everything once you get home, especially when decisions need to be made during the appointment or afterwards.  The guys can't help be confused either. They haven't read all the books and don't spend time on fertility forums. Plus, I never realized how much I was putting on my own shoulders, but in many ways I was. He is the one who pointed this out to me, and I am just so grateful for a husband that wants to be more involved in the process without me ever having to ask. I also recognize there are women out there TTC without even having a spouse; Going through things like IVF with sperm donation. Believe me, I am thankful to even have the support of a spouse and I don't take it for granted. I really did marry an angel.

So, on CD14 my RE measured 4 main follies @ 11-12mm each and said my lining was 5.5 mm.  She said it was impossible to tell if I'd already ovulated from the ultrasound alone, even if I did get a +OPK over 2 days prior and my OB/GYN had measured the follies as slightly larger the day prior. Comparing my OB's test to her test would be like comparing apples to oranges. She ordered a progesterone test to see what was really going on. I never knew you could see evidence of ovulation on a progesterone test only a day or two after supposed ovulation (I've only done 7dpo tests for the past year). Apparently you can though; As long as it shows about a 3 on a P4 test, it's indicative of ovulation that early in the luteal phase.

I found out today my progesterone came back at 0.2. Based on that result and the ultrasound, my RE said I have NOT ovulated this cycle. I couldn't agree with her more. I figured I didn't, especially because I'm charting my temperature and have not seen my typical temperature spike post-ovulation. This has been an extremely wacky cycle thus far I must say!

I'm still scratching my head a little, because in 13 months of using OPK's, never once have I gotten a +OPK and NOT ovulated within the next day or so...until now. There is a multi-million dollar industry selling OPK's and other fertility tracking devices for the simple fact that they tell you when you are going to ovulate! Women get knocked up every single day just from peeing on a stick and waiting for the happy face to tell them when to have intercourse. Yet, somehow they aren't foolproof where my body is concerned.

I am not shocked. I also bought the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor earlier this year, which proved to be useless to me. This $150 device that is supposed to be 99% accurate couldn't figure out what my body was doing either.  As soon as I realized the CBEFM wouldn't work to track my cycles, I became dependent on my trusty OPK's to tell me when I'm going to ovulate. Apparently, OPK's aren't totally accurate for me now either. Booooo! We had such a good thing going! It seems I can't rely on a fertility monitor or OPK's at this point.

I still don't know why I got a +OPK, yet I didn't ovulate. I know I don't have PCOS (which can cause false positives for some women). My RE said "it just happens sometimes in women with irregular cycles." I do know my LH must have surged, but no ovulation occurred. I guess that's a good thing since my follies and lining clearly weren't lined up for ovulation.  Way to fake me out though silly OPK's!! Makes me want to stab myself with my BBT thermomter! haha! Really though, I almost feel like the Femara was telling my body to ovulate early, but my body knew it wasn't ready and held off. Any other theories out there??

I have a follow-up apt. with the RE on Tuesday for another ultrasound. It's babydancing every other day for us until then. In a dream world, I will go in for the ultrasound on Tuesday (CD20) and the RE will see a ginormous follie ready to burst and a nice thick lining of about 10 mm or more. If I end up ovulating on CD21 or CD22 as usual, I will just have to shake my head and laugh at this whole little snafoo. Still holding out hope that I do ovulate this cycle...hopefully when my follies and lining are perfectly aligned with the stars.


  1. You know, my body is doing a lot of different things this cycle. I know getting a +OPK and not oing sounds like a step backwards, but I actually think it's a good sign. I think your body had an increase in LH because it was gearing to O and then realized it wasn't quite time yet so it simmered down.

    You know that I O every cycle, I get a +OPK and I release an egg. However, my eggs are usually not ready to come out and therefore do not get fertilized. You used to not O on your own and then you did but later in your cycle. While it's gotten a bit earlier, it still hasn't quite been where you want it to be and I wonder if maybe the eggs you were releasing weren't ready for fertilization for whatever reason. I am only speculating of course and there's really now way to know what happened in the past. However, you are being monitored now and I'm excited to see how this plays out. If you had O'd, your follie would have been too small and your lining too thin, there would have been no conception. However, your body in its infinite wisdom has held back waiting for everything to be perfectly ready!! I'm still excited for you and KMFX!! I also hope nothing I said was upsetting or offensive, just speculating.

    1. Not offensive at all! I agree with your theory long as I DO O THIS CYCLE! I better, or then I'll really have my panties in a wad. My hope is that everything's still growing in there slowly but surely, and that's I will still ovulate this cycle!

  2. Aw Emily I'm sorry but you know that I know exactly how that feels! Your R.E. at least admitted that it can happen. When I told my R.E. last month that I think this is the first time I think I wasn't going to O (and I did have a +OPK) he though I was over thinking it and you know what? my chart was completely anovulatory! Docs just don't know everything. I really hope you do O this month! if not then I hope a quick month for you so you don't have to wait too long to start a new cycle. I also noticed the month I decided to opt for the more expensive digital OPK's is when this happen, lol. Good luck to you sweetie, you always have my support during this long and emotionally draining journey :)

    1. Thank you for the support! Yeah, my RE told me NOT to temp ever because so many things can affect temp and NOT to do OPK's anymore this cycle because now we know I may get a false +OPK.

      I get why they say that stuff, but I like to be informed about my own body, and I've uncovered quite a few pieces to the puzzle by charting these things. Plus, I can't just get an ultrasound every single day ya know!

      Maybe that's what RE's do when they want to get pregnant...they just do an ultrasound on themselves (or their wife) every single day?? lol

  3. I assume this was your false positive from Femara and you ended up Oing? Sorry...just now catching up on all your posts, so I may be behind in the times :)