Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Mom's Blessing...10 Years Later

Every once in a while we are lucky enough to receive a message at a time we most need to hear it. Recently, as part of hubby's ongoing project to move important emails/documents onto an external hard drive for safe keeping, he came across something that I am TRULY GRATEFUL for! Of all things, he found an email exchange written almost a decade ago between he and my mother. In it, he asked her for my hand in marriage, and she obliged. Not only did she oblige, but she included a prayer for us and our marriage.

I was moved by this, not only because it made me remember how grateful I am to have the perfect soul mate, but I was also reminded of how my mom told me my entire life she prayed for me to meet that perfect person. When I did, she knew he was the one, and so did I. That is not something everyone in this life gets to experience, and I've always known our love is truly rare. I feel it in my bones every single day that I wake up, but hearing her talk about how she prayed for me is just another reminder not to lose sight of our special gift, no matter what we're going through.

I was moved even more to hear the words of my own mother, more than 7 years after she passed. It's funny how she could have known way back then how much we would need to hear this prayer 10 years later. I'd never seen these emails up until now, but to be blessed with a prayer from my mom, and to hear her talk about how God will bless us and "our offspring" was....Well I am still just speechless and grateful and so VERY BLESSED to have this tiny piece of correspondence. I believe we found these emails for a reason. I needed to have my mom pray for me, and I will keep these words close to me forever. To say that finding these touched me would be an understatement, and I wanted to share them with you.

Date: 7/10/2003 10:23:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Matt (hubby)

Subject: blessing

Hi there. I am writing this because I don't have your real phone number and it would be very obvious if I asked Emily for it. We are both moving out of our current townhouse into somewhere else in the coming months. Also in the coming months I wanted to ask her hand in marriage and I'd like to get your blessing! The truth is, when I first met her I knew that second she was the one. I even told many of my friends the very next day she was the one I would marry down the road. She has made me and continues to make me the happiest man in the world. I could not and would not ever dream of a better girl to be by my side for the rest of my life. With all of this being said, I hope you are ok with this and I'd like to pop the question sometime in August or so. Could be late August or even beginning of September, depending on some things I have going on w/ business and timing. Assuming you are ok with this, I ask to please keep it very much of a secret and to only tell family if needed. I would hate for her to know beforehand..:( Hope you are well and feel free to give me your real number so emails don't become the only way we speak..:) Love Always, Matt

From:Vicki (my mom)

Subject:  Re: blessing

Dearest Matt,

Thank you for acknowledging my role in Emily's life.  I have considered it my duty and privilege to pray for my daughter's welfare and happiness all these years, and will consider it a double blessing to add your name to the "list".   Although I didn't always know your name, I have been praying for you since she was tiny.  I always knew that God wanted to bless her with a truly wonderful and perfect mate.  After meeting you and seeing the effect you have had on Emily,  my appreciation for God's ways has deepened.  I don't believe many people appropriate the divine blessing of marrying the ONE person that God created to be their partner.  It gives me tremendous satisfaction to know that you have both "found each other".   You are and always will be a reason for every person in our family to give thanks and praise to God.  I truly hope you both determine to rely on Him to guide and sustain you.

May God Bless You Both

in your coming out and your going in;

in the city and in the country;

in your rising up and your lying down;

in the offspring of your body

and the produce of your ground.

May He cause your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before you;

they may come out against you one way but flee before you seven ways.

May all who know you call you favored.

May He, who created and knew you both in the womb,

pour out upon you His richest blessings.

And may we all be grateful for this union that God has created forever.

P.S. I didn't realize you never had my numbers!  Please feel free to call me about any little thing at any time.  I mean that.  Also, stop by anytime you care to.

Thank you for helping Emily get her giggle back.

We were afraid it was gone forever.



Yep, my mom was pretty amazing and so is my hubby. I cannot read this without bursting into tears. Is it just me, or was finding this more than a mere coincidence?

I don't know if the prayer part is an actual scripture or if it was just my mom praying off the cuff...this is how she used to pray out loud, so I wouldn't be surprised if she was just praying from her own heart here and not reciting scripture. If anyone knows if this is a certain scripture though, please feel free to let me know. I'd be really interested to know where it comes from if so.

The last part about "getting my giggle back" gets me every time, because what some of you may not know is that meeting my husband absolutely saved me. I had just ended a 7 year relationship with a complete asshole, for lack of a more fitting description, and was left feeling completely disheartened and lost in my young 20's. The seemingly random meeting between my husband and I ended up changing my life forever. Everyone around me knew that when we met, we were meant to be together.  I wake up every single day of my life grateful for him, and no matter how difficult this journey can be sometimes, our love is something no one can ever take away from us.

When I first read these emails, I couldn't figure out what URMFEO meant either. Leave it to my mom to be talking in text speak before people even texted really. haha! She was a high school teacher in an inner city school, so I wracked my brain trying to think was the heck lingo she was using here. Then, I realized what it stood for:  U R Meant For Each Other.  She always said we were. 

This will always be a reminder that she's still watching over me and taking care of me....correction, watching over us. It's also a BIG reminder that I need to rely on God to carry us through any obstacle we face.  I think she meant for us find this message when we needed it most. I miss my mom so terribly much, but I am eternally grateful to have found this small piece of her and to have her blessing and prayer for us. It's truly amazing how God can send us a message in the most unexpected way, right when we need it most.

Thank you God. Thank you mom. Thank you to my amazing hubby. I am blessed beyond belief.


  1. I am also in tears as I am reading this. Wow, Emily!!! This not a coincidence in the slightest. This is a message from your mom telling you it's going to be okay. Telling you that God and she are by your side and with you always and it really and truly is going to be okay. I am so glad you met Matt and that even though IF has been horrible, at least you've had him and I know you'd never trade that for anything. You WILL get your baby Em and you guys are going to be amazing and incredible parents and you will never ever forget what it took to get your there. *big big hugs*

  2. Simply stunning. I am so happy that your husband found this and you were able to feel this wonderful connection to your mother at a time when you truly needed it. You and I have so much in common, it really shocks me the more I learn about you. My mother said something very similar when I met T. She said no matter how long he's in your life, she would always be grateful that he made me smile again. Similar prior relationship. Similar ass hole. I'm so glad we "met" and I look forward to the days that our mothers can rejoice together in our happiness. xo

  3. Wow Emily, that is an amazing and wonderful story. So heartwarming. I teared up reading that. Ok, I flat out cried. Bawled, actually. Your mom sounds like she was an amazing and such a loving woman. Thanks for sharing this sweet story!

  4. Woah! How special this is. I believe your mom made sure Matt found this again because you needed to read it once again. I love this! I lost my dad as a young girl and often have these special moments at just the right time. I love it!

  5. I totally teared up reading that. I absolutely think your mom was sending you a little message that she's still there watching over you both and that you have a wonderful partner with you as you face the struggles life has been throwing at you. What perfect timing. I can't begin to imagine what finding that must have meant to you. Your husband's email was so incredibly sweet, and it's obvious just from reading it how much he adores you. And your mom's response was so warm. Sounds like she was a very sweet, special lady. It's also amazing what a blessing it can turn out to be to have a shitty relationship. How would we ever know how ridiculously lucky we are to have the men we have now if we thought this type of connection was the norm?

  6. Thank you so much ladies! I'm glad it touched you like it did me. I'm going to print this now and hang it on my bathroom mirror and try to read it daily. This is one I'm never going to lose! :)

  7. Wow! What a blessing from so many years ago! The Lord definitely knew you needed to read/hear that! Just started following your journey!