Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hormone Guide: Survival Tips for Men

Thanks for all the love after my recent post about being depressed. I'm feeling MUCH better now after a couple days to recoup, start reading my new book The Power of Now (mindblowing), and a beautiful day in the 103 degree sun yesterday. I swear, sunshine is my drug!

Then, I get this email from hubby that made me laugh out loud. In case any of you feel your man might need a little help in finding the right words during hormonal times, here it is...

No man should ever wonder what to say again!  :)


  1. Haha! That's awesome! If only wine mixed better with fertility drugs!

    1. I'm pretty sure we could just replace that entire ultra safe row with "Here's my paycheck" and no one would complain. haha! Cracks me up. :)

  2. Haha....I've seen this before. It made me laugh then and now :)

  3. Ha ha loved this!!!! The pay check is perfect.

  4. ha nice!! Hope you enjoy your book!

  5. Hahaha! I love this! And it's do true. Sometimes (or always) just one sip of alcohol/wine can help me see past my overreacting crazy hormonal emotions. Does that mean I'm an alcoholic?

  6. hilarious! sending that right to my husband!

  7. Haha I LOVE this! Sending it straight to my husband lol

  8. Haha, I've seen this before, hilarious!

  9. OMG, thank you for the laugh. I needed that.

  10. I must share that with my hubby! I'm sorry you're still not completely at peace yet but I think therapy could really help. I'm thinking about talking to someone as well. This IF is no joke. I wanted to let you know I am going on IVF #3 this month. We are still in the game! We will win this! I will continue to pray for you everyday that you get to bring home your little one sooner rather than later :)

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