Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fender Benders and Fluffy New Friends

Nothing like the high pitch sound of screeching tires coming from behind, as you are traveling a whopping 5 mph on the entrance ramp to a major highway....behind a line of cars doing the same. Nowhere to go, and nothing you can do at that point, except just wait to be smacked from behind.

Luckily our damage was very minor. Thank you Acura!
His car will take a little more to fix.

Apparently, this guy wasn't paying attention. Texting? Who knows, but he was texting non-stop after we pulled over to assess the damage in the median of I-35. Of course, he also had no driver's license (only an ID from Mexico) and spoke very little English. Great! We had to beg the cops to come, as they do not typically come to minor car accidents in TX. They tell you to just exchange info. Um, really? It's so weird and off-putting, not only that the they don't officially place blame on the faulty driver, but that you are forced to give the other party your address.

We're not the biggest fans of strangers having our address and actually had a security system installed when we first moved here because of this....hubby was in an accident with some very ignorant people who were threatening him after THEY ran a stop sign and totaled his car in downtown Austin. This weekend's incident makes our 4th accident in a 4th car, since living here in only 5 years. Someone please remind me why on earth people are scared to fly? Anyhoo, cops finally came, issued the other driver two tickets, and sent us on our way.

It wasn't until later that I started wondering and hoping that nothing could possibly be wrong with Preston or the pregnancy. I felt fine, the damage and impact we felt was minimal, and no signs of anything awry. However, this is when I probably shouldn't google stuff, because I found a whole plethora of less than reassuring info. about detached placentas and other ill side effects of collisions while pregnant.

We were just at the perinatologist 4 days earlier (receiving another great report), but after a call to the nurse, back in we went to check things out. I was asked about signs of possible complications including those associated with detached placenta, and was experiencing none (severe pain & bruising of abdomen, bleeding, cramping, baby moving less, etc.). An u/s of Preston revealed he was wiggling around like crazy, showing off with the cutest stretching motions with his arms. We'd never seen him sport those moves before, and now hubby's convinced he's clearly warming up to swing a golf club. Amniotic fluid looked good, heartbeat was strong @ 155 bpm, and placenta was still attached just as it should be. In the peri's words, "Baby is happy as a clam in there!"

We didn't leave without becoming privy to some of the doc's crazy stories about patients he's seen get in accidents. One actually got hit by a train on the driver's side of her car while pregnant, another fell out of the back of a pick-up truck while it was moving, and countless others have fallen down stairs. Sometimes I have to wonder why he tells us this stuff, but I get his personality by now...he was just trying to illustrate when to worry and when not to worry.

In our case, no need to worry. Life goes on. Insurance is handling the damage to our vehicle. Going through something minor like this is always a good wake-up call. Even though this wasn't our fault, I really should follow a safer distance behind other vehicles myself and be extra careful. I don't need anything more severe to teach me that lesson.

I'm also glad that I pray over our family most every morning... I'd actually just prayed the morning of the fender bender for protection as we traveled to our Baby Care Basics class that day. (The fender bender occurred on our return home). At first, I was kind of annoyed, like HELLO GOD, didn't you hear me ask for protection and safety today??? Once I put things in perspective though, I realized that HE DID protect us. It really could have been much worse, and we could be dealing with a whole different set of circumstances right now. We're just so very thankful we're not.

And of course, just as I was questioning whether God is actually protecting us or if He hears my prayers (for the millionth time), the next day I woke up to this devotional...

Leave it to the Jesus Calling devotional to give me the reminders I need, right when I need them most. Seriously love this book...always on-time!

In other good news, I received an awesome gift that I couldn't resist sharing. We've named him "Bob" after my favorite grandpa who passed away, and because...well he just seems like a Bob. He was a thank you gift from my dear friend, Suzanne, who is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful people on the planet...like a long lost sister who definitely lives much too far away. Suzanne, if you read this, you'll be happy to know that Walter's new brother, Bob, is enjoying his new home under the tree in Preston's nursery. hehe

You must snuggle Bob to appreciate him fully! OMG so soft!

I cannot stop touching this little guy. He's so stinking SOFT and just begs to be snuggled every time I pass by him. I know Preston will absolutely love him too.

Please stop by to wish Suzanne happy thoughts and prayers as she travels to CO this week for an endometrial lining check and possible frozen embryo transfer. As many of you know, it's very touch and go leading up to any transfer, and she deserves every bit of encouragement she can get!


  1. Ha! Bob is hilarious and so awesome! Yay for Suzanne and such a thoughtful gift!

    I'm SO glad that everything was okay... you scared me for a minute with talk of detached placentas. Glad to hear that you and Preston are okay and that he's continuing to enjoy his warm, snuggly home!

  2. Omigosh! Emily! I'm so, so glad that you and Preston are okay. I can't blame you a bit for marching right in and getting him checked out. I love that he's in there practicing his golf swing!

    Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement. I'm so glad that Bob is settling in nicely! :) xoxoxo

  3. Oh my goodness! I'm sure the fender bender was scary! So glad you and Preston are ok! Jesus Calling was one of my favorite books during infertility and even now! It's amazing how I can be feeling something one day and the next morning the passage has to do with EXACTLY what I was worried about! God has a sense of humor for sure! Just reminding me, "hey Ash, I'm right here!" :)

  4. So glad to hear all of you are ok Emily!! Praise God for protecting you! That Bob is so cute!!

  5. So glad you are all ok! So scary! And that's crazy that the cops don't want to come for traffic accidents! Here in Jersey its actually illegal to leave the scene of the accident before the cops come! Crazy!

  6. Wow! I swear I saw so many possible fender benders yesterday and it boggled my mind. I'm sorry u were involved in one, even a minor hit feels horrible. Glad things are a ok with Preston. Suzanne is such a sweet warm hearted person, adorable present.

  7. You scared me! So glad you and Preston are safe and unharmed!
    I am also a Jesus Calling reader. It seems to always speak to me on days I need it the most. How sweet of Suzanne to send Bob to live with you!

  8. Oh gosh!! I'm soooo glad you're ok!!! And that Preston is ok too!!

    Suzanne is the best- sweet blog friends are like special angels, truly!

  9. So so so glad you are ok - Love how the Lord protected you throughout the day and glad you got to see little Preston again!! How sweet (just as He always is) that He would bless you with that JC devotional too!!! Love Bob!!!

  10. Very glad that it was a minor accident... while annoying, it's still so much better than what it could have been! Must have been so scary. I'm so much more conscious of other drivers now and I do freak out a little more because of my precious cargo. I can't imagine watching it happen like that, but it sounds like you really kept your cool. And hey, a bonus ultrasound is always fun!

    Bob is so stinkin' cute. Love it.

  11. Wow! I am so glad that you and Preston are both ok. I would have been freaked out about a detached placenta, too. You just hear too many horror stories not to worry. So happy to hear that everything was just fine with the two of you. Bob is adorable, btw!

  12. Ohhh, the rage of this li'l mama if someone were so careless toward me while driving!!! I'm glad Preston and Mommy are doing just fine after that incident. :)

    Bob is such a cutie pie!

  13. What a scare! Idiot driver!

    I am IN LOVE with Bob, and so thankful that baby boy is okay.

  14. I am so glad that you and everyone is okay! I love Suzanne! What a sweet gift!

  15. Awe, Suzanne is so sweet! Thank goodness that accident wasn't worse and Preston is doing well.

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