Saturday, March 9, 2013

Making it a DIY Spa Day

Hubby was up at the butt crack of dawn this morning to head off to his early golf tee time, and I was already pacing at 7 AM wondering what to do today. I hit the gym for a quick workout and decided to turn my lackluster morning into a luxurious DIY at home spa experience. No better way to start your Saturday morning if you ask me!

So grateful for this tub. It's my escape from reality!

It was just me, Calgon, candles and this awesome relaxing CD I had playing. A while back when we were actually at a real spa, hubby Shazam'ed the music they had playing on his phone to find out what it was. Now I have it and can listen anytime I want. I love Shazam! This is definitely a good one if you're looking for something to calm your nerves and bring a little more zen into your day...

Magical Moods by Fridrik Karlsson makes my mood magical.

Then it was onto spa treatment #2...what I like to call my "Deluxe Signature Frozen Spoon Facial." If you have never done one, it is the cadillac of at home facials. After you've steamed and cleansed your face in the shower, apply your favorite face mask. Then, take two spoons that have gotten ice cold in the freezer (or a cup of ice water) and apply them to your eyelids upside down. It magically cures puffy eyes and feels sooooo nice. You can actually do this anytime your eyes look tired and it will reduce puffiness and wake you up a little....

Don't hate on the creepy pic. Just try it!

Spa treatment #3 was a mani/pedi with my new favorite neutral orange color for Spring. Someone told me a long time ago that when you turn 30 years old, your hands turn into your mother's hands. So true! My hands are a spitting image of my mother's, and I am thankful for the reminder of her. I think my mom would have also loved this color...

Loving this color...Sally Hansen "Just So Fawn"

Then back into my fuzzy slippers to make myself breakfast in bed, watching HGTV while everything dried and all of the amazing products I used soak in...

Cozy tootsies and breakfast in bed don't suck.

Ahhh, I feel like I can breathe a little better now. One of the things that has kept me the most sane during the past couple of difficult years has been to do nice things for myself. I am crafty about finding ways to treat myself for very little or no money at all. However, even if it ends up costing something, hubby and I both resolve to treat ourselves on a consistent basis. We both agree how important it is to take time outs each week, and to do things that will keep you loving yourself and each other. In fact, we both have massages scheduled for next Sunday at a local resort!  We keep our eyes peeled for awesome coupon deals on sites like Travelzoo, Living Social and Groupon, so we never pay full price and are able to plan fun things at half the price or less many times. 

Speaking of sprucing things up, I also did a little kitchen window makeover this week to liven up our kitchen, which is where I spend about 80% of my time while at home. This is sad and pitiful and almost embarrassing to post, but this was my kitchen window BEFORE:

SO tired of looking at the neighbors' brick and weeds!!!

Ever since they built the house next door to us, I have been complaining about the fact that my view is basically the side of the neighbors' house and the weeds that they never pick in their side yard even at 2 feet high. I finally decided to do something about it! I found some great ceramic pottery at Hobby Lobby and some cute little plants and flowers at Lowe's. Here is the AFTER:
Ta dah! Much happier place to be now!

It's more dramatic of a change in person I think, but a little greenery made a HUGE difference when you walk into the kitchen. I spend so much time at that window, and I've been a total dork admiring my green thumb all week since the addition. It's just nice to have something living in the house that my cats can't really get to and eat for once!

Of course, the day after I did this, my kitchen sink became clogged from either extraneous dirt, orange peels, or God knows what, and I am now stuck with a non-functioning sink until the plumber gets here on Monday. Plus, my dishwasher was completely full when it happened (OF COURSE!), so I can't even cook now either, because there is nowhere to put dirty dishes. Doh! I thought about going all Honey Boo Boo and starting to do my dishes in the yard, but decided against it.

Oh well, I guess it just means we'll have to eat out and have someone bring our food to us, clean up our plates, and do dishes for us all weekend long now. Gosh, I just hate it when that happens!  ;) I know things are about to get a little crazy with all the IVF meds and procedures starting soon, so I'm taking some time out to enjoy the calm before the storm.

What do you do to make yourself feel special or keep the mood full of love and light?


  1. The stimming wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, no major mood swings or meltdowns :). Glad you are taking care of yourself right now! I went and got a massage, facial, and pedicure before I started stimming.

  2. Ah! Looks like such a great morning... I really enjoy taking hot baths and reading magazines. It totally relaxes me. My hubs also gives me shoulder massages which is fabulous. Have a great weekend! :)

  3. I love your idea of relaxing and self-pampering! A friend of mine was getting a pedi yesterday and it reminded me that I really don't treat myself that often. In fact I got a ped gc from my DH for Christmas 2011 and I STILL haven't used it, so I think I might do that.

    As for pampering myself, one thing I do is take nice hot bubble baths with candles and wine.

  4. Good for you for pampering yourself and for making sure that you and your DH make time to do things that relax you both and that you can enjoy. I wish my DH liked massages, because I love them and think it would be so romantic and relaxing to get them together! Maybe one day. Your kitchen window looks great, but I'm sorry your sink crapped out right then. So sad that you'll have to relax and just eat out this weekend ;) Glad to see you taking some time to allow yourself to rest before you start IVF. I will be stalking your blog for updates, of course, but I'm wishing you tons of success and smooth sailing.

  5. I need to do a better job of taking care of myself like this - pampering myself. Also? I love the kitchen plants. I seem to keep killing all our windowsill plants... Not good!

  6. You made me realize how much I lack taking care of myself. A nice bubble bath sounds amazing right now. Isnt it a pain not to be able to use your sink? Mine has been giving me issues that I have to constantly shut down the hot water or itll leak. I hope your process goes smoothly and you dont have horrible s/e.

  7. Ooh, I totally do the tub and nails thing. I use LUSH for my bath products, btw. HEAVEN! My new favorite nail color are the Nail Art Expressionist sets from Revlon. I'm currently sporting the orange with pink stripes. HOTT!

  8. Your day sounds like it was absolutely perfect and so well-deserved. Good for you!! Your kitchen window is adorable!!

  9. Accumulation of dirt has always been the number one cause of clogged sinks. When your sink is out of order, everything else seems to be messy. I’m sure the plumber was able to solve your problem. Be careful with what you throw in your kitchen sink next time though!

    -Darryl Iorio

  10. Looks like an amazingly relaxing weekend! Glad you're taking care of yourself.

  11. Your nails look great! Also, I like the idea with the pots by the windows. Really sucks when you have another building right in front of your windows.

    Gregoria Gorham

  12. Weekends are just ordinary day for me, but reading your post, I feel like a getting myself pampered! This is a great idea to have, a total day to relax and unwind. It will be better if you have a delicious breakfast after the nice bath. Thanks for sharing; I'll definitely have this in this coming weekend. ;-)