Monday, November 4, 2013

IUI #3 is done! All we need is one!

IUI #3 with Femara (Round #5) is officially in the books. Part of the reason we turned this "break from IVF" cycle into an IUI cycle is that it worked for us once before. Exactly one year ago, we became pregnant with Femara + IUI + Prometrium. Also kind of strange....we've actually become pregnant the last two Novembers in a row (2011 & 2012), even though neither pregnancy lasted. Please Lord, let November 2013 be the charm, and if it does happen let it be for keeps!

Initially, I thought maybe if we just copied our exact same BD & IUI schedule as last time, we'd have a good shot. Hold your laughter please. I know there is no rhyme or reason to how things unfold in any given cycle, but the thought did cross my mind to try to mimic our last successful cycle. I gave up pretty early on though, due to the fact that I don't have a working crystal ball and couldn't realistically pinpoint ovulation in advance. 

There are two main issues when trying to plan specific BD dates around an IUI.  A) You typically can't predict exactly if/when you'll get a +OPK. There is no way to know when the IUI will be until less than 24-36 hours before it takes place...unless you have an extremely predictable and reliable response to all medications, in which case, I hate you. Just kidding! B) You aren't supposed to have sex too close to the time of the IUI either, so as to encourage a minimal sperm count at time of IUI. There are a few moving pieces here.

At one point, I thought my body was going to totally rebel and not ovulate at all, washing the entire cycle. The day after my last ultrasound (CD13), the test line on my OPK disappeared completely, which made me want to pull my hair out... It was supposed to be getting darker, not going away! Sometimes OPK's can give a pretty good indication of when ovulation is coming (because the test line grows progressively darker as LH rises), but sometimes the second line just does crazy things, like disappearing, reappearing, etc. LH is just wonky sometimes. I test twice per day and use two different brands (regular & digital) just to cover all bases, but clearly my LH levels were running amok. I STILL hadn't gotten a +OPK by Friday at 5 pm (CD16) so we went in for a second ultrasound.

Thankfully, the ultrasound revealed I was still on track to ovulate soon...

Left ovary: 23 mm (up from 16.5 mm)
                   13 mm (down from 16.5 mm)

Right ovary: 18 mm (barely up from 15 mm)

Lining: 8.4 mm (up from 7.4 mm)

I was slightly bummed that the second follicle on the left had actually shrunk down; Looks like the smaller one was being overtaken by it's counterpart, which seemed to take off. The right follicle was growing sloooow as molasses, but at least it hadn't shrunk and was still somewhat in contention.

Since we had at least one follicle @ 22mm+ and lining was good to go, we got the green light to do an Ovidrel trigger shot...which we purchased at a local pharmacy literally an hour before they closed on Friday night. Remember, hubby had a flight out on Sunday, so we had to do the trigger that night in order to make this IUI happen!

I went to bed without any dinner, because I literally jumped from subbing all day, then to the RE, the pharmacy, home to BD, and finally triggered at 9 pm. No rest for the weary and not even time to eat. Making a baby is work people! I can't help but think of the well-intentioned advice from others who've never experienced fertility treatments, "Just have a lot of sex." OR "Just use an online calculator to input the date of your last period and have sex the days it tells you."  hahaha! So funny. :) Yeah, it turns out it's a little more work for some people.

Looks nothing like our last (successful) Femara/IUI cycle, but here is so far...

The other thing different this cycle is the daily Lovenox shots (blood thinners) beginning on CD6... a little something extra for increased blood flow (since I have +APA's/blood clotting factors). I take baby aspirin in the AM and Lovenox in the PM. I'm happy to report that Lovenox has become easier over time. I still detest this dreaded shot, but the bruising has lessened, and I've found a couple trusty spots that are less painful. If there's any chance it could help and zero chance it can hurt, I'm willing to just suck it up and do it. I will begin taking Prometrium (progesterone) at bedtime on Wednesday (3 dpo) for luteal phase support as well.

We weren't able to BD the night of the IUI (as is normally recommended), because hubby flew out to Amsterdam right afterwards. However, he contributed a whopping 57 million "moving" swimmers day of IUI, along with many million additional in the days leading up to it, so every possible base within our power has been covered. All we need is ONE clean cut and well dressed little guy to show up with flowers and a nice bottle of wine for one super lucky egg.


  1. Ha! The cartoon is hilarious! Glad to hear that you guys got the IUI in before your husband's trip! Praying that November continues to be a good month for you guys in terms of conception and that this one is sticky in exactly the right place! So hopeful!

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  2. How exciting! Wow, I have all the hope in the world for you right now!

  3. Love the cartoon!! Glad to hear everything worked out before your hubby had to leave. It sounds like based on previous November's this could be a great one for you :) Many prayers you get your BFP AND take home baby!!

  4. I'm so hoping this cycle is it for you! Also, I totally am trying to replicate my BFP cycle from last year in hopes that it will give the same result, so I definitely wasn't laughing at your doing that!

  5. Praying so hard for you guys! xo

  6. Love the cartoon! Praying that November keeps being the lucky one. (: I'm glad u found ways to lessen the pain/discomfort of lovenox

  7. Fingers crossed for you! Good luck!

  8. 57 million - Thank you Lord!!! Hope you are getting some rest and you are filled with God's peace and patience while you wait!

  9. I love the cartoon! So cute and puts a little laughter into things while you wait patiently. I can't wait to hear some happy, joyful news soon :)

  10. Wonderful news! Praying for you in the wait. And safety for hubby as he travels!

  11. Good luck!!! Praying 3rd time is the charm with a sticky, sticky BFP!!!

  12. Love the picture! Good luck I will be praying that this is the one!

  13. Love the cartoon!!! Praying this will be the cycle!

  14. I love the cartoon... and WHAT?!?! 57 million!! wow... just wow.... I only had 7 million for my IUI (and my lining was only at 7) I will be praying the third time is the charm for you :)

  15. Sending you all the prayers in the world for a very successful IUI my friend!! XOXO

  16. November is the best month! Here's hope for us both to get those November ones that stick this time. I've been pregnant in November before as well.

  17. That little picture is hilarious. Praying so hard that this IUI is successful!!

  18. Oh wow what good numbers! I am praying that you will be able to relax while you wait for answers this month! My BFF had to do the aspirin and lovenox, thank God you know you need it to boost your chances. Can't wait for an update!

  19. YAY Emily! I hope for yet another happy November outcome! Fingers crossed!

  20. The cartoon is awesome! FX third time (in Nov.) is the charm for you! And it's good you're keeping busy--I got a job too (in a medical office) but I don't start until Dec. Being busy makes the tww much more bearable

  21. So excited for you!!! I really, really hope this is it for you! We're cycle buddies too, maybe we'll get a bfp (excuse me, a STICKY bfp!) together!

  22. First of all I would like to say thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I was reading your post this morning while sitting at my RE's office and it kept my attention all the way through. What a great post!

    I know for me personally (and I can only speak for me), I went through every avenue with my current RE. He finally told me that he believed I needed to go to CCRM and do a ivf cycle with pgd. I wasn't sold and have never been sold that I have crappy eggs. One thing I have always questioned was the fact that my ANA was always positive. As you know, many RE's do not believe in underlying immune issues and re-current miscarriages.

    I have heard of Dr. Sher, but I went to see Dr. Kwak Kim instead. I honestly never looked at her success rates only because I was willing to try anything new. It seems for the past four years we have done the same thing over and over and expected different results. I am not sure if RI truly does hold water in helping with re-current loses, but I sure hope it does.

    Thanks again for posting this. I definitely agree that we all have to decide what treatment is the best for us and go with that. Wishing you luck and looking forward to following your blog!


    1. Thanks Toni! Looking forward to following you as well. I have heard a lot of great things about Kwak Kim!