Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A "REAL" +OPK (hopefully) & AMH Results are In

Today we went in for a CD20 ultrasound with the RE. Earlier this week she told me not to bother testing with OPK's since I got that weird false + on CD12. While I agree I shouldn't rely on this alone to help time intercourse anymore, I still want to know if a real LH surge does come.  Low and behold, yesterday I got 3 really strong +OPK's: 6:30 AM, 1 PM, and 7 PM. I used Wondfo's and CBE digitals as usual. Whoever designed the OPK at Clearblue Easy deserves a raise, because I will keep buying their OPK's if I get to see that happy face!

I am not someone who typically feels any type of ovulation pain/twinges at all, but yesterday I felt like someone stabbed me with a knife in my left ovary; just one really sharp pain and then it was gone, but definitely noticeable. I was laying on the bed listening to my Circle + Bloom guided meditations, so not like I was doing anything strenuous to cause such a weird pain.

GOOD NEWS during today's ultrasound was that my uterine lining measured 6.8 mm! Now, I realize most women would think this is not that great, but for me, this is the best my lining has EVER looked on it's own. It's usually closer to 4-5 mm at most. My RE likes to see a 7 mm at minimum near the time of ovulation, but she said mine was close enough and that it had great tri-layers, which is really important for a nice healthy lining ready for implantation. I was ecstatic with this report! It grew about 2 mm in one week's time without adding any synthetic estrogen into the mix, which makes me quite happy. Maybe it's not perfect yet, but progress is progress!

Other news was that I had one 14 mm follie on my right ovary and no follie at all on my left, only an area that looked like fluid. The RE said this could indicate that I had just ovulated from the left ovary (thus all the fluid) OR that I hadn't ovulated yet on the right and that the 14 mm follie would ovulate later in the cycle. I am inclined to think that I ovulated last night, but that is just my own instincts telling me that. I just really think this LH surge was real too, because it remained so + on both devices all day long. That was not the case with my earlier fleeting +OPK this cycle. I will be traveling tomorrow, so RE suggested doing a progesterone blood draw later today to see if it would show any signs of ovulation this early. If I O'd yesterday, it may show a slight elevation today. I really hate needles, but I love data, so it's worth it to keep getting stuck for me.

If I did ovulate, then she wants me to take Prometrium (progesterone) beginning at 3 days past ovulation....another reason it's so important to figure out my exact O date. This will help support my lining, increase chances for implantation, and decrease chances of miscarriage should a pregnancy occur.

I also got back the results of my AMH test @ 0.88. AMH is used to measure ovarian reserve (how many eggs are left). RE said this level was "meh, ok". Here is a nice little chart showing what's normal...

She said in relation to my other bloodwork and my "young age" that this was nothing to freak out about.  However, if we don't become pregnant this cycle, and we did want to become more aggressive about treatment, this AMH would be an indicator that now is the right time to do that. Calling me young definitely caught me off guard, but apparently RE's don't consider you "old" until you are 38+.  However, she said she would not suggest just going another 6 months with a haphazard approach. I think hubby and I both agree with that, especially since we want more than one child and I will be turning 35 this coming year. All in all, a good appointment. Packing today for a trip to a friend's wedding, and I should have my progesterone result back tomorrow. Hopefully this time it will show I ovulated. Please Lord, let it show I ovulated!


  1. Yay about the thick lining!! I also always have ovulation pains. Its a blessing and curse because its nice to have a better idea of ovulation times but it also is pretty painful especially when bding! It sounds like you ovulated though with the pains, the opks and then the ultrasound! Can't wait to hear the results!

    1. Having an O pain is definitely a blessing in my book! Hopefully that's what that pain was. Hoping to get good sleep tonight for a valid temp tomorrow to confirm. I still think doing progesterone at 1dpo is so weird, but just doing what I'm told here. Will be interesting to get those results back and see what the RE's thoughts are.

  2. So glad to hear about the thick lining. That's something I struggle with as well, so I'm so happy to hear that this month is an improvement! Thinking all sorts of positive thoughts for you this cycle!!