Friday, September 7, 2012

Progesterone 11.8 @ 3 dpo...Boom!

Well, it took a couple extra days and a couple extra needles, but today ovulation was finally confirmed via bloodwork. I mentioned earlier that my RE wanted to do a progesterone draw at only 1 day past ovulation, which I had never heard of doing...She said it would come back at about a 3 if I had ovulated. I was disappointed when my results came back at 2.1. The nurse basically told me, "You didn't ovulate so you won't need to start Prometrium this week." Huh??

I respectfully disagreed with her quick dismissal that I didn't ovulate. That progesterone test was drawn so early, possibly even less than 24 hours post-ovulation. I had a 0.5 degree temp rise that morning and my boobs hurt like a bitch. I didn't care what that lady was telling me. I knew in my heart I had in fact ovulated. I discussed with the nurse that my temp had risen and my boobs were sore; two things that simply don't happen until I've already entered the luteal phase of my cycle. I knew they didn't trust my OPK's anymore at this point, but I did get 3 strong +OPK's the day prior as well. After quite a bit of coersing, we decided I would just re-do the test all over again at 3dpo to give my body a little more time to show a stronger result. I found a Lab Corp in the city where I'm traveling to do the blood draw and just received my results...11.8!!! BOOM! I told you people I ovulated! (insert hair flip here)

I have not been stressing anymore about the fact that the RE doesn't care about my temperature, or even a + OPK, or my sore boobs. I understand why they don't want to hear about those symptoms, because many people get false symptoms and it's just not a failproof way to test for ovulation or pregnancy. However, I'm just happy I do pay attention to my own body and that I voice my opinion, even when a nurse doesn't agree. Here the nurse was just telling me "You didn't O. Don't start taking Prometrium." When really, I KNEW I O'ed and that I needed to start Prometrium at 3 days past ovulation to help increase my chances for a pregnancy. I'm just really glad I stated my case, pushed for the extra test, and that it came back with flying colors.

I filled my prescription for Prometrium and have it ready to go. I will start it tonight at bedtime and will continue taking it for the next 11 nights, until the time I take a pregnancy test. If I am pregnant, I will continue taking the Prometrium for the first trimester in order to help support a healthy pregnancy and reduce risk of miscarriage.

What started out as a really confusing cycle is actually panning out to be one of the most promising to date. Strong ovulation pain, 6.8 mm lining day of O, strong progesterone response and symptoms very early in the luteal phase, and proper timing of the Prometrium supplementation. These are all good things! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed over here. We are so ready to be pregnant, and I just hope that God agrees that it's our time! Please Lord, let this be our cycle!


  1. This is so awesome Bump!!!! I am so happy for you and I have very high hopes for you this cycle! Good for you for sticking with what you know to be true about your body.

    1. Thanks Amber! I feel like its taking a village to actually figure my body out..a real team effort. Lol. Just happy I ovulated and am seeing such a nice response.

  2. I have everything crossed for you!!!

  3. My OB is having me take Crinone (progesterone suppositories) once I get a BFP but didn't mention taking it during the TWW. I haven't known of having a luteal phase defect (it's always 14 days)...but now I'm wondering if I need to start taking it right away after O just in case...