Friday, September 28, 2012

MUST READ: The Conception Chronicles

So getting pregnant isn't that easy?? This is the main topic of discussion, not only in our house right now, but also in the book I just finished reading yesterday, The Conception Chronicles.  I have already read many of the serious technical books on the challenges of infertility and TTC, and I was really in the mood for something lighthearted that could make me laugh. I could have gone for another Chelsea Handler book or maybe something from Celia Rivenbark, but they just weren't calling my name.

Yes, I admit it's hard for me to stop thinking about TTC'ing right now. I can't help it. Sometimes when you can't change the situation or just can't get it out of your mind, you have to learn to laugh at it.

Some of the topics explored in the book include:

-Why can't I ovulate on the weekend?
-Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde
-Are you an Angry Ovulator?
-The "Ouch shot" vs. the "Holy Shit shot"
-Answering the Pregnancy Paparazzi

-I'll have Clomid with a Side of Sweats
-Fertility Friends vs. Fertility Foes

-Foreplay is for Rookies
-Sex on Demand

In all seriousness, the book actually provides a pretty realistic look at what TTC'ing can be like for many women. For anyone considering using fertility treatments, it might also give you an idea of what the process and continuum of treatment usually looks like. Anyone currently undergoing treatment or who has experienced it in the past will probably enjoy it even more. It's like the author has had a hidden camera on your life or something. haha! I already know from talking to plenty of other women in online support groups that many of us share similar experiences along this crazy journey. This book was just more confirmation of that and gave some downright hilarious suggestions for dealing with some of the not so fun aspects. Just when it's getting serious, it will make you laugh with funny anecdotes, and it might tug at your heartstrings enough to make you tear up at a few parts as well. Reading this book really was good therapy for me, and I highly recommend it! It's guaranteed to make you SMILE! :)


  1. I downloaded this book to my kindle before I had even finished reading your post!! Thanks for the recommend!!!! You had me at the bullet points. :)

  2. I just started reading it. So far I'm totally relating to this. I just hit the chapter called Fertility Friend.

  3. I just finished reading this, too, and I loved it. Couldn't put it down. If I'm going to be thinking about TTC all the time, it was nice to be able to read something that wasn't totally technical.

  4. I'm almost finished with it, and I'm loving it. Thanks for recommending it!